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Baking oven from Rudziczka, 1840

It was constructed in 1840 and it was one of many ovens occurring on the areas of the southern part of Opole Silesia. This type of oven became common in 19th century. It is a building in one part of which an oven for baking bread is made of bricks and in the other, there is a room called przedpiec (pre-oven) used for storing tools, bread baskets and, if necessary, firewood. It was also here that dough for bread was kneaded and prepared for baking. The building of the oven from Rudziczka is constructed as a beam structure. The oven, similarly to other buildings in that structure, is placed on an underpinning made of stones. The very body of the oven is made of bricks. A building covering the oven, always had a gable roof, covered with non-combustible material – roof tiles or slate. In the gable of the building, there is an entrance to a small attic located above the oven. Bread is baked in the oven during museum classes or folk events.

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