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Farm-hous building from Stary Las, 1798

It is an example of an Upper Lusatian peasant hut occurring in the south-western part of the Opole Voivodeship. It was constructed at the turn of 19th century as a mixed structure: at the gable, Upper Lusatian structure is used transferring the roof weight from the residential part made of log structure walls (spruce), and further parts of the building are constructed as post and beam structure with clay filling. The building is composed of the main chamber, a hall, a lard and utility rooms which can be entered from the side of the hall. The second part of the building is composed of a hall and a chamber, as well as a utility room and a barn connected with the building. There is a thatched roof. The attic can be entered by a ladder from the hall. At present, the hut is not used but two kitchen stoves have been reconstructed inside and it will be furnished and quipped in a manner characteristic of Lower Silesian peasant huts.

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