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Peasant cottage from Stary Las, end of 18th century

It comes from the end of 18th century. It is composed of a residential part constructed as log structure and a farm part constructed as beam structure. At the gable end, there is Upper Lusatian structure added. There is a thatched gable roof. Inside on the right side of the hall, there is a chamber and a lard, on the left, there are two utility rooms. A barn constructed in a later period adheres the building.

A permanent exhibition 'Kresowianie na Opolszczyźnie 1945-47' ('Borderlanders in the Opole Region 1945 – 47') was established in the hut. In the four rooms of the hut (a kitchen, a bedroom, a larder and a workshop), daily living conditions of people who came to live in the Opole Region from Eastern Borderlands after World War II have been presented. The museum exhibition presents the interior of a house left by its former, German owners and already occupied by a family who came from the Borderlands. The exhibition concerns years 1945 – 47, the time when most displaced persons commonly felt that the character of this new situation was quite temporary, which was often shown in the attitude of 'having everything ready for a journey'. At the same time, it was the first phase of two different cultures meeting, which is shown on the exhibition by presenting native objects – Silesian or German, left behind by the displaced families, as well as objects brought by the settlers from Easter Borderlands of II Republic of Poland. Several hundred exhibits – objects of daily use, documents and pictures – are the evidence of the multicultural past and present of the region. The exhibition is accompanied by a display of unique photographs of the relocation action.

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