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Bell tower from Gola, 2nd half of 19th century

Glockenturm aus Gola, zweite Hälfte 19. Jh.It is a free-standing former church bell-tower – a remnant of a wooden branch church in Gola. A wooden church with a tower, which according to a record from 1697 was built by a Protestant village head, at the end of 18th century was close to being a ruin. The tower was probably placed next to the older body of the church. It was constructed on the layout of a rectangle as a post and beam structure boarded on the outside. On the roof covered with shingle, there is a metal weathercock with the date cut 1871. It was then perhaps that the structure of the tower was renovated after a complete demolition of the church building. The wooden lintel above the entrance to the church deserves special attention. The tower was used as a bell-tower connected with religious ceremonies and also as an emergency tower informing about natural disasters, especially fire. The openings cut below the eaves allowed bell sounds to travel better. Inside the tower, there is one room with a ladder leading upstairs. After 1945, the tower without the bell was devastated and transferring it to the Museum was its only hope.

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