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Granary from Domaszowice, 1754

It is a type of granary with a little gallery. It was constructed in 1754, which is confirmed by the date cut on the lintel of the entrance door on the ground floor. It is a wooden single floor building, constructed on the layout of a rectangle, with walls constructed as log structure. The entrances to the ground floor and the first floor are located in the lengthwise front wall. The most interesting architectural element is a little gallery located at the height of the first floor, along the front wall. There is a gable roof with wide eaves moved above the gallery, covered with shingle. The gables are diagonally boarded with the herring-bone pattern.

The first floor was in fact a storage area of agricultural produce, whereas the ground floor was often designated for small livestock. On the ground floor, there are three rooms and on the first floor, two.

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