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Windmill from Dobrzeń Wielki 1734 , rebuilt in late 19th century

Probably built in 1734 - the date is cut on the main log. The Windmill was moved from grange in Pokój to Dobrzeń Wielki by Gotlib Witek in 1885. It was a replacement for another burnt down windmill. After Gotlib Witek's death, his son, Fryderyk Witek inherit building and installed steam engine bought in Brzeg. It was a bad economic move and Witek went bankrupt. In 1909 Szymon Adamiec bought the windmill for his son, Franciszek Adamiec, who was previously Witek's learner. Adamiec modernized the work of the windmill. Nowadays, the building is equipt with almost all old devices.

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